Willie Church was released from prison in July of 1994. He was released from his sins in April of 1995. Having been tried and found guilty of attempted murder, Willie's life was on a downward spiral. While serving a ten-year prison sentence in Kansas, a young preacher from Indiana would visit the facility in the Summer of 1992. The young pastor would find Willie in solitary confinement for his [Willie's] role in a prison riot. The pastor offered Willie a Bible and the hope that is Jesus Christ. First, reading the Bible out of boredom, Willie would find the truth he needed to change his life forever. Since his salvation in 1995, Willie has devoted his life to bring the salvation message to the lost. His testimony has reached people worldwide through programs such as Unshackled and The 700 Club. Through prison evangelism, youth events, church meetings, and conferences across the nation the message remains the same...Jesus Christ changes lives!

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